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Dating Love Island Commentary

Have You Ever Been Curtis’d?

July 10, 2019

When bubbly blonde Amy entered the Love Island villa this summer, she was all set to a National Treasure. Despite her warm personality, as she arrived the opened up that at 26, she’d never actually had a boyfriend before. When her partner Anton decided he fancied surfer girl Lucie instead of her, we hoped she could be this season’s Camilla, and find her match eventually. The public love…

My Love Story

My Love Story: #EnglishRosiee

June 19, 2019

My first guest post in my Love Story series comes from #EnglishRosiee, one half of the dating blog Rinse Before Use. She blogs about dating, love, sex, friendship… all the good stuff really. She’s navigated being a late bloomer, long distance relationships, and the highs and lows of the modern dating scene, and she’s here to share today! You find out more from #EnglishRosiee from her blog, Rinse…

Dating Love Island Commentary

Love Island, And Why Relationship Milestones Don’t Matter

June 9, 2019
why relationship milestones don't matter

If anyone knows about the pressure to hit certain relationship milestones by a certain age, it’s me. I wanted to have had my first relationship done and dusted before I started university, so I was left reeling when the guy I was seeing went off with someone else. I wanted to be married by 25, so I spent most of my early to mid-twenties frantically churning through bad…


How To Use Healing Crystals

May 19, 2019
how to use healing crystals

No longer the preserve of hardcore hippies, healing crystals have become mainsteam. Adele uses them to combat stage fright before shows, and Spencer Pratt reportedly has a $1 million crystal collection. But crystals aren’t just for the rich and famous. For just a few pounds, you can add some high vibes into your own life. So read on and find out how to use healing crystals. What are…

Dating Lifestyle


May 13, 2019

GUESS WHAT GUYS?! It’s my birthday today! I was thinking of doing a deep ‘n’ meaningful style post similar to last year’s one, about the woes of turning 28. But I kind of ran out of time and didn’t want to sound too miserable, so instead I decided to write a semi-deep-‘n’-meaningful list of things 28 I’ve learnt in my now 28 years of living. Hoping you all…


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