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Smudged Lipstick Anti Valentine’s Day Party Review

February 18, 2017
smudged lipstick anti valentines day party review

I’ve always hated Valentine’s Day. Nothing wrong with the concept of course, just the fact that every year, I inevitably end up lacking a Valentine. The only relationship I’ve been in was during October-November, and the one time I had a promising Tinder date which happened to fall on Valentine’s Day, he flaked on the day. So evidently, me and Valentine’s Day don’t mix. This is why I…


Good And Bad First Date Locations

February 9, 2017
good and bad first date locations

I went on a first date with a guy from Plenty of Fish the other week, and he mentioned that he finds he ends up going on a lot of first dates, but not many seconds. I realised I actually find the same too. With modern dating, particularly in a city like London, it’s pretty easy to line up another date, so unless you were in love after…


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