Dating Tales

My First Love

As a teenager, myself and others would go drinking every Friday night. We’d illegally obtain alcopops or cheap cider, head to a field or empty car park, and drink. We called ourselves the Friday Night Crew- or FNC for short.

One warm evening in May, I was particularly excited about the upcoming Friday night out. At a party the previous weekend, Tony- who I’d always found really attractive- had told me he’d very much like to kiss me, and I’d obliged. This was the first time I was going to see him since. It was unlikely that anything would happen. I mean, for one thing, Tony had a girlfriend. And yet…

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Dating Tales

Shoutout To My Ex

Since the release of Little Mix’s latest banger Shoutout To My Ex, there have been a slew of blog posts celebrating good riddance to a douchebag ex-boyfriend. Despite certain aspects of the song being problematic (funny how people suddenly realise upon breaking up that their ex-partner was terrible in bed), the song is an absolute tune with a fantastic message, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.

I was a classic late bloomer. Throughout my teens, I was either invisible to men, or they’d get with me, but nothing ever came of it. Then, in my second year of university, I met Jack.

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Dating Tales

The Guy Who Tried To Bill Me For His Taxi Home

I have a love-hate relationship with my birthday. I love celebrating it and receiving presents. However, I always dread being another year older, as I start panicking about all the things I should have done by that age but haven’t i.e. finding a man.

Anyway, around this time last year, I was starting to panic. The following year, I was set to hit the big Quarter of a Century milestone.┬áMy tough gym routine and fundraising activities preparing for my sponsored climb of Mount Kilimanjaro meant that I’d been on about 2 dates in the first half of 2015, but as the year was drawing to a close, I was starting to panic about not having found a husband yet.

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