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Tailor Matched Erotic Hypnosis Review [AD]

October 6, 2019

There’s no doubt about it; sometimes in the modern world finding love seems like an enormous task. But the rise of ghosting, dick pics, and breadcrumbing has let to the birth of a growing market- the dating industry. As we get flaked on or stood up for the 100th time, new dating event companies and apps are blooming from the rubble left right and centre. And new offline dating service Tailor Matched brings something new to the table.

erotic hypnosis review tailor matched

Traditional matchmaking agencies tend to focus on traditional compatibility, whereas the unique selling point of Tailor Matched is that they combine emotional and sexual compatibility- because we want both, right? In addition to matchmaking and dating coaching, they also offer some cool events, the one I went to being erotic hypnosis.

Obviously, an erotic hypnosis event is waaay outside my comfort zone. I’m more of a “Steps To Find Your Dream Man” or “How To Adopt Traditional Values In The Modern Era” event type of person. But, I was interested to see what it would be like. I knew we, as a group, were going to be hypnotised, and my understanding was that we’d discover our hidden fantasies. I was intrigued as to what kind of yet-unknown would come up during hypnosis. Or perhaps I’d find out that I’m actually a lesbian.

The Erotic Hypnosis Event

The event was held at Vout-o-reenees near Tower Hill. It’s a cool underground venue that’s fairly small and cosy but ornately decorated. There’s a bar, plus a sofa area for relaxation. I was meant to go with a friend but she couldn’t make it, so my friend St Lucia Racer jumped in a last-minute replacement. There was time to mingle for a little while before the event; it was mostly women, but there were a couple of men there too.

After explaining what erotic hypnosis was all about, the hypnotist, Jonam Ross, took us through the group hypnosis. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting. It was more like a guided meditation, but perhaps that’s what hypnosis is all about as opposed to the stereotypical “look into my eyes… you’re under”. I thought it would be more x-rated, but it was more about visualising our higher selves. Then there was a part well into the meditation where we were asked what we want and to pay attention to what came up. I had a sudden urge to take up bellydancing, so I guess that’s something to act upon. Overall though it was a good meditation, although I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t realise I’m actually a lesbian.

There was a short break, then we were invited back the sofas for Jonam to demonstrate the erotic hypnosis he does on clients. He used a woman called Katie who he had worked with before. He went into the hypnosis, and I started getting Christian Grey vibes. His voice was very melodic and soothing, and perhaps it’s something to do with confidence, but I started to find him really attractive. He went into the pleasure stuff, and eventually got Katie to orgasm. It was a bit of a weird experience, I felt slightly uncomfortable due to feeling self-conscious on her behalf but at the same time it was really interesting. Afterwards, I wasn’t sure how Katie would react, but she said that when the hypnosis started she managed to shut everyone else out, and she’s quite wild so that kind of stuff doesn’t phase her. I did admire for her that as I’d be way too self-conscious to do anything like that in front of an audience- and I thought I was brave!

Anyhow, to wrap it up he gave us some more information about his work and stuff, and afterwards Asa from Tailor Matched emailed us offering us the first chapter of Jonam’s Amrita Awakening online program for free.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I thought it was an interesting event. To be honest, it was more of an introduction to erotic hypnosis and the work by Jonam than a way of dissolving subconscious blocks in your sex life and so on. I think if there’s serious work you have to do, I think you’d have to book a one-on-one session or take the online course. However, I think it’s a cool introduction if it’s something you’re considering and want to learn more, or perhaps just an alternative way to spend your Thursday evening!

You can find out more about Tailor Matched’s erotic hypnosis events on their events page. You can also follow Tailor Matched on Instagram.

Disclaimer: I was gifted a free ticket to this event but all opinions expressed are my own.

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