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Dating Love Island Commentary

Have You Ever Been Curtis’d?

July 10, 2019

When bubbly blonde Amy entered the Love Island villa this summer, she was all set to a National Treasure. Despite her warm personality, as she arrived the opened up that at 26, she’d never actually had a boyfriend before. When her partner Anton decided he fancied surfer girl Lucie instead of her, we hoped she could be this season’s Camilla, and find her match eventually. The public love an underdog.

However, Amy didn’t have long to wait, as when handsome ballroom dancer Curtis entered the villa, he made a beeline for her. The pair coupled up, and quickly became inseparable. When new arrival Molly-Mae selected Curtis for a hot tub date, he friendzoned her instantly, and when the pair spent the night in the hideaway, he asked her to be his “half-girlfriend” (or exclusive, as most people would put it). Curtis appeared to many people as the perfect man: attractive, confident, kind, and the villa’s resident go-to person for advice. The pairing gave hope to all those out there who have been unlucky in love.

However, it appeared that not all was as it seemed. Stories leaked into the press that Curtis had cheated on his ex-girlfriend. People began to question whether his on-screen persona was the real deal. Is it normal to close yourself off to new islanders in the first few days? As a professional dancer who is no stranger to the limelight, it’s likely that Curtis would have had some level of media training before entering the villa. The couples who have won previous series of the show were those who had been coupled up since the start. Passing over the the model/ Influencer types in favour of the everygirl character doesn’t seem like a bad strategy either. However, Amy didn’t come across well in her argument with Lucie, despite her intentions being rooted in insecurity rather than spite. So for a variety of factors, the pair weren’t actually the public favourites.

But anyway, the unfortunately nicknamed “Curmy” were blissfully unaware, labelling themselves the “mum and dad of the villa”.

Until Casa Amor. While Amy confessed to the other girls that she had fallen in love with Curtis, back in the villa Curtis’ head was turning for the new girls, and he offered to recouple with newbie Jourdan, despite only having had two actual conversations with her.

But let’s not forget, shortly before the girls left, there was a public vote, in which Curtis and Amy did not make the top three couples. Friendzoned Anton and Lucie made it ahead of them, which must have raised a few eyebrows. Curtis would have known they weren’t popular with the public.

The couple later had a series of conversations, where Amy told Curtis that she felt she had been an “acceptably average placeholder” until a better girl walked in and he “never actually genuinely liked her at all”, and he admitted that he “can’t promise it’s not going to happen again”. And that was that.

What happened here was a classic case of love bombing. (Usually) a guy promises (usually) a girl the world, sells them a dream, then scarpers as soon as they get what they want. In most cases it’s sex, an ego stroke, or a cushion after a rebound, but in this case the stakes were higher with the £50K cash prize at stake. Girls like Amy are extra-vulnerable to love bombing as they want the dream more. On her dinner date with Curtis, she heartbreakingly admitted “no-one fancies me”, to which he responded, “I don’t know why, you’re amazing”. She felt like finally, after all those years of singledom, she’d found someone who liked her for who she was.

Amy has now left the villa for the sake of her won mental health. She made a dignified exit, and wished the other islanders all the best. Let’s hope she gets a bit of good media advice so she can improve her public perception in the upcoming interviews, that she gets a much-needed confidence boost, and finds someone amazing in the outside world. Because whoever you are and whatever your romantic history, you deserve more than to be someone’s acceptably average placeholder. You deserve to be someone’s first choice.

Have you ever been Curtis’d? Let me know in the comments!

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