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Female Influencers To Follow

March 8, 2019

For those of you who are unaware- IT’S INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY TODAY! WAHOO! And what better way to celebrate gender equality, than with a list of fabulous female influencers to follow.

Before I start, I’d like to point out that this is by no means an exhaustive list. There are hundreds and thousands of talented ladies out there and I have no means of fitting them into the space of one blog post. However, here are a selection of my favourite bloggers and vloggers for you to discover if you haven’t already.


Lucy Goes Dating

Lucy’s very popular dating blog is an absolute MUST-READ. A mixture of funny bad date stories, engaging mini-series full of lust and heartbreak, and – my favourites- the Lucy Overthinks… posts where Lucy muses about a dating topic. She’s lovely, super-relatable, and everything she posts comes straight from the heart.

Eve Greenow – Never Settle

eve greenow female influencers to follow

Eve’s dating blog Never Settle is like a ray of sunshine. She’s a super-positive girl with a down-to-earth attitude who always gives accurate advice. Along with dating advice posts, Eve’s blog also contains sex toy posts, guest posts, interviews with highly sought-after bloggers *cough*- plus she’s recently started her own podcast!

Naomi Narrative

naomi narrative female influencers to follow

Another ray of sunshine in the dating world. OK perhaps I should use a different phrase, how about… beam of light. Sounds good. OK so the Naomi Narrative is a beam of light in the dating world. Her blog is a mixture of real life dating experiences, sex, and relationships posts. The bubbly blue-eyed blonde has won several dating awards for her work and writes a column for Reveal.


The problem with the dating industry is that there’s no real barriers to entry or qualifications you can earn, so a lot of so-called “dating experts”, well, aren’t that great. One of the exceptions is Amy Young. This dating and life coach makes no-bullshit, empowering videos that can help you break out of negative mindsets and move forward in your dating life.

Harmony Nice

This fiery redhead makes videos on all sorts- makeup, life, unvolved mysteries. But my favourites are her Enchanted Endeavours videos- a series on witchcraft, Wicca, tarot, and so on. A really great guide for anyone getting started, or anyone intrigued and wanting to learn more. She’s also written a book which I can’t wait to read!

Emily Hart

No lookbooks, makeup tutorials, or sugarcoating- this girl is 100% real. Her videos are a range of her original “10 Reasons Why” sketch videos, vlogs, Q&As, and more meaningful stuff. She’s always super-engaging and witty, and her Instagram is one of my favourite to follow as she’s always authentic and open about topics like mental health.

Breeny Lee

A new find of mine, Breeny Lee is another YouTuber to hit up if you need a pep talk. She makes videos on dating, how to be single, being confident and positive, along with some haircare stuff. Her no-nonsense attitude will give you just the kick you need.

Isabel Palacios

Isabel Palacios is one of those girls you look at and you’re like “YOU’RE SO PRETTY AND OUTGOING I WISH I WAS YOU”. But that life of abundance may not be too far off after watching Isabel’s YouTube channel. Her videos on the Law of Attraction, positivity, and raising your vibrations will set you on the right path. She also makes beauty and travel videos too.


Hello Miss Jordan

An everyday princess, Jordan’s colourful Instagram feed is a must-follow. Her vibe alternates between a Disney fairytale and 1950s pin-up poster, and every photo is so well thought out that you can tell the effort she puts into her content- and it pays off.

Sea Tea Me

Based by the Cornish seaside, Hannah’s dreamy feed is a collection of stunning photos of the beach, along with her life with her husband and super-cute dog. Her stellar photography really stands out.

Zey Elise

An absolute stunner, Zey’s feed has an elegant, Parisian feel to it. A compilation of fashion photography, travel, and more lifestyley stuff, complete with delicate deep ‘n’ meaningful captions.

Emily Becca

Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger Emily Becca’s photos are some of the ones I always look forward to. A mix of fashion and beauty photography, this girl knows how to pack a pose and her flatlays are always on-point.

Who are your favourite female influencers right now? Let me know in the comments!

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