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A Spell To Move On From Romantic Setbacks

December 20, 2018

A fact about me that might surprise you is that I’ve always had a bit of a mystical side. When I was in my troubled teenage years, I owned half a tonne of books on astrology, along with one titled Spells For Teenage Witches. That may have been considered a bit strange at the time, but in recent times, with every other blogger on Twitter being a self-described “witch”, it seems like the mystical world has made a revival.

I’ve recently got back into witchcraft as a way of manifesting intentions after buying a book during my trip to New York. Perhaps that’s a post for another time. I’ve done a few from the book, but I’ve also got into the habit of making my own if I can’t find something suitable. I created one recently that was so good, I felt compelled to share it with my readers.

In my romantic life, I’ve had my fair share of setbacks. It seems like as soon as I open up and start to develop the feels, the man in question will inevitably lose interest, get with one of my friends, start seeing me then go off with someone else, and then find the person they really fall for shortly afterwards. And I wasn’t the best at handling it. I’m an emotional person who feels hurt very deeply, so I tended to carry resentment with me for a long time afterwards. I remember one particular time at university, I was working at my job behind the student bar, when a guy I’d had a thing with walked in with the girl he left me for, and they started kissing.

“I hate what she’s wearing”, I said to one of my friends. “That top is like a crime against fashion”.

But while we found this funny for about 5 minutes, ultimately it didn’t make me feel any better.

So I recently created this spell to avoid carrying bitterness and negative emotions around with you and manifest a positive future.

spell to move on from romantic setbacks

What you will need:

  • A black candle
  • Matches/ lighter
  • Candle snuffer
  • Table
  • A mug
  • Camomile tea or similar
  • Rose quartz
  • Salt
  • A stick
  • A tray

NB: If you don’t have one of the ingredients or you feel like something else would work better that’s fine, just adapt the spell. What’s important is the intention. 

Before you begin the spell itself, start by muting your former love interest on social media. Block or unfollow if necessary, but if you have mutual friends etc. it’s important to make sure you at least mute so you don’t have to read about all the details of their life including new love interests.

Fill the mug with the tea, and drop the rose quartz inside. Take everything you need to the table, and lay it out with some space in the middle.

Light the black candle.

Pour the salt onto the table and spread it out, so you have a decent-sized layer of it. Then look down and reflect. Visualise the romantic scenario from the start to the finish. It helps to visualise it in 1950s comic book form. Think about how you felt and what you were thinking at each point. Visualise what people said as speech bubbles. Visualise your thoughts as thought bubbles coming out of your cartoon character’s head.

Grab the stick, and write the names of those involved in the saga in the top half of the salt. Now stare down at them. Visualise yourself confronting your former love interest, Rosie-from-Love-Island style. Say everything you want to say to them. Scream, shout, cry. Tell them exactly how they’ve made you feel. Vent out every last bit of frustration you have.

Then grab the stick again, and draw a strong line under their names.

Say, (or think), something like:

“This situation has hurt me, but I’m going to draw a line under it now and move forward.”

Now grab the mug, and slowly drink the tea. As you drink it, visualise it filling you with self-love and positivity. Visualise yourself going about your life feeling strong and confident, doing things you love, trying those things you’ve always wanted to try. Now visualise yourself meeting someone new. Visualise that person appreciating all your great unique qualities. Envision them complimenting you, and buzzing to tell their mates they scored the hottest guy/ girl in town. Feel the happiness this makes you feel.

When you get the bottom, pick out the rose quartz, and say (or think) somethinglike:

“With this rose quartz, I choose self-confidence and a new love.”

With your hands, scrape the salt from the table onto the tray. The salt represents the old you. The bitterness, anger, jealousy, and all those other negative emotions we don’t want. The part of you that would make catty comments about another girl’s outfit. Let it repulse you a bit and make you happy you’ve moved on from that. Scrape it all off onto the tray. Then dispose of it in the compost heap, the bin, or some place outside.

Snuff out the candle.

Place the rose quartz by your bed, or somewhere else it can watch over you. Come back to it if you find yourself falling back into negative thought patterns. Say to yourself “I have drawn a line under that. I choose self-confidence and new love instead.”

Depending on the severity of the situation, either avoid your former love interest completely, or tolerate them in a group situation if you have to but don’t seek them out. Don’t talk about them unless you have to mention their name in passing. Don’t go on their social media pages. Think about things you wanted to try, perhaps a yoga class, or going to a blogger event for the first time. Then do those things. Go on other dates.

Move forward.

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