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Love Island Commentary

Love Island Observations, Part VI

July 22, 2018

This week has been an interesting one. We began with all the contestants happily loved up, then Ellie and Charlie got axed, Sam and Georgia were given an ultimatum and chose to split, Laura and Jack and Alex and Alex bit the dust… oh and four very hot new Islanders were added into the mix.

All in all very interesting stuff. So here are my thoughts on this week’s happenings.

love island observations 6

I’m Happy But I Could Be Happier

Along with “I’m loyal” and “doing bits”, this has become one of this year’s key soundbites. Some people say that it’s a symptom of a “swipe left” culture, but I think in moderation it works. After all, Josh and Wes could easily have coasted through their show in their previous couplings and had their shot at £50K, but let’s face it, they are a lot happier and more compatible with their current partners. I don’t think you should be constantly looking over people’s shoulders or act like a total dick, but sometimes in life when you’re faced with a difficult situation, like whether to leave a relationship or date a friend’s ex, sometimes you have to be a bit selfish.

Open vs. Closed

Exclusivity is a complicated topic that could very easily be a stand-alone blog post. But in a nutshell, (in my opinion), if you really like someone you end up doing it accidentally, and there’s a point that you get to where you’re not specified “exclusive”, but you wouldn’t get with anyone else. The grey area is at what point that is, and issues occur when one person is mentally “open”, and the other is “closed”. This has been illustrated on the show in the past when Josh ditched Georgia for Kaz after their stay in Casa Amor, and was seen again this week when Alex wanted to keep his options open to pursue new Laura, and Alexandra wasn’t having it. Perhaps he was right, and their romance was still in it’s early stages and they should both still be exploring other people. Or perhaps he just didn’t like her enough, and that wouldn’t have changed given time.

Georgia & Sam

Georgia and Sam faced a difficult decision (perhaps a producer decision, as the other contestants were definitely leaning towards dropping Megan and Wes to begin with). Their romance was still in it’s early stages, so the pair faced a tough choice between dropping each other to stay in the villa and have to watch the other crack on with the new arrivals, or leave as a couple but risk regret over turning down their shot at £50K and hot new people if the romance didn’t work out. They chose to stay, but in what some would consider a surprise move they then refused to recouple, and left the island as a pair. Although at first their decision to stay raised a few eyebrows, it turned out to be the right one, as when they left, they did so fully certain that they’d met their match.

Dani Dyer, The Oracle Of Truth

Other Islanders may have got irritated with Dani’s advice to begin with, but you can’t deny it, Dani knows her stuff. From telling Georgia a few home truths on her decision to stay in the villa, to her diary room rant about Laura and Jack featuring the iconic soundbite “I mean he’s 31, he folds his own washing” (as to why Laura should pursue Paul instead), that girl is the oracle of truth.

Have you been watching Love Island this week? What did you think?

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