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Love Island Commentary

Love Island Observations, Part V

July 15, 2018

After the boys’ brief stay in Casa Amor, the Love Island villa became a little Islander-heavy as most of the contestants chose to couple up with a new addition rather than remain with their current beau. However, after a couple of heavy dumpings, the population got down to a managable level so it was time for some new additions in the form of two new boys Kieran and Idris, and new girl Alexandra who took a liking to her namesake Dr. Alex.

So without further ado, here are my thoughts on this week’s island antics.

love island observations

Not That Keen On The New Arrivals

After the boys had their fun, it was only fair that the girls had their turn, and with two new lads in the villa, the women definitely got to keep the boys on their toes this week. However, I wasn’t especially keen on the new guys they picked. I mean, I’m sure they’re lovely boys deep down, but some of the ways they approached the girls came across as a bit slimy, and it was definitely a low blow from Idris when he told Laura he saw Jack go in for the kiss with Georgia. I was excited at the announcement of a new girl, and was hoping for an intelligent natural beauty that might peak the interest of the doctor, but lovely as Alexandra is her face appears to be at least 70% filler (although Alex didn’t seem to mind). The show seems to be picking the same kind of contestants recently (big Instagram following but probably doesn’t know what “ambivalent” means) and it’s getting a bit stale, so it would be nice to see a bit more variety.

A Mighty Exit

Frankie’s exit definitely knocked Samira, who had been enjoying being happily coupled up after weeks of being stuck in the friendzone. However, along with many others, I was surprised to hear that Samira had walked from the show (and her shot at £50K and potentially new hot guys) in order to be with him, when their romance appeared to be in it’s early stages. It then emerged that Samira and Frankie’s romance was actually much more serious than it had been portrayed, with the couple even having spent a night in the hideaway, but the producers has chosen to edit out most of it. I was disappointed in the show, as I feel this would most likely have swayed the results of the vote; the show is ultimately a competition so it should be fair. But I wish Frankie and Samira the best of luck and hope everything works out well for them.

Strong & Stable

No not Theresa May (who is actually anything but). The couples. After all the drama at the start of the series, most of the couples on the show now seem madly in love. 4 of them are now official,  and others could soon be heading that way. I did feel for the new boys, as after Samira’s exit their only real option was Alexandra, and let’s face it, she was making a beeline for the doctor (although I suspect Idris may have been more her type and Alex may end up back in the friendzone in a few days’ time). Perhaps that’s why Idris resorted to dirty tactics. Anyhow, it will be interesting to see how the show progresses. As great as happy couples are those involved, they don’t make great TV.

Doing Bits

One of the reasons I didn’t watch the first two series of Love Island was the portrayal of sex on the show. I’d heard that the contestants basically have sex in the main bedroom on camera in front of other contestants who sit and watch- my idea of HELL. But this year has been surprisingly sweet. I mean yeah, sex has happened, but only after weeks of dating, not shown on TV, and (mostly) not discussed in graphic detail. And best of all, despite the “you have to see if you’re sexually compatible” narrative being shoved down your throat at every opportunity, three out of four couples who have made it official have done so WITHOUT HAVING SEX. Sex is portrayed in the mainstream media as a stick liberal types use to beat people with, so its refreshing it to be something nice to do with someone you want to be with. Also, the phrase “doing bits” is now cemented in my vocabulary.

Have you been watching Love Island this week? What did you think?

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