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Love Island Commentary

Love Island Observations, Part IV

July 8, 2018

This week on Love Island has been an interesting one. You can see the producers doing what they can to stir up drama on the show- however, a lot of the time, they don’t need to.

The boys returned from their stay at Casa Amor along with the results of the latest recoupling- the most notable being Josh choosing to recouple with newbie Kaz and Megan ditching Wes for new boy Alex. More fighting ensued when Georgia went on a date with Laura’s beau Jack, Ellie dropped the c-bomb, and for once the Court Of Twitter was divided on who to back.

Here are my thoughts on this week’s happenings.

love island observations

Team Georgia

I didn’t take to Georgia to begin with, but has emerged as one of my favourite contestants on the show this year. When Adam ditched Rosie, she was the one to sleep outside with her, and she was the only one to follow Laura inside and comfort her when Wes left her for Megan. Then the Josh situation went down and she dealt with it all like an absolute QUEEN. I was a bit behind and ended up watching Friday’s episode before Thursday’s so wasn’t sure who to side with when the Jack drama kicked off, but after catching up all I can say is WHAT A LOAD OF DRAMA OVER ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. They briefly pecked on the lips. That was it. Yes perhaps she shouldn’t have done it, and she should probably have just admitted she went in for the second kiss- but let’s face it, it was so brief she probably couldn’t even remember. Some people might argue “muh loyalty” and that she shouldn’t have picked him for a date at all. But ultimately it is a game show where the aim is to couple up with someone, you most likely won’t see the “friends” you make in there once you leave, and she did have the decency to speak to Laura about it beforehand. Other people have done much worse- for example, Megan went for Wes when him and Laura were much more serious than Laura and Jack- and received far less blow back. And Ellie was absolutely vile; calling her an “ugly c***” when the situation had nothing to do with her really showed her true colours in my opinion.

Unlucky Alex

I’m not his biggest fan, however I did start to feel a bit sorry for Alex this week. Literally none of the girls on the show are compatible with him. The one time viewers actually saw him speak to Grace was actually painful. I found the “smoldering” joke hilarious, but she just wasn’t getting it. Poor guy. The producers need to seek out a natural-looking, well-spoken accountant to put him out of his misery.

Leave Jack & Dani Alone

Like I’ve said previously, Jack and Dani are basically the guaranteed winners of the show, but the producers won’t let that happen without a fight. Firstly, they add in Jack’s ex, Ellie to Casa Amor to stir things up. When asked she said she would have considered getting back together with Jack but respects that he has a girlfriend now, her and Jack barely spoke, he slept outside and couldn’t stop going on about Dani, and Ellie cracked on with Sam- yet the producers showed the footage of Ellie entering the villa and nothing more and shit hit the fan. They later sent Dani and Ellie for drinks, where it transpired that far from being the man-stealing bitch she was portrayed as by the press, she’s actually a really nice girl who was treated rather badly by Jack, and both women got on well. With that plus being unfairly hounded by the SJW mob, it would have been nice to see her go on to find love in the villa, but alas, Wes decided to get back with the aptly nicknamed “Muggy Megan” over her, and she was given the boot.

A Future For Zadam?

Adam and Zara did seem to be getting along well before her untimely exit. He seemed more into her than he did with the other girls, however they hadn’t been together that too long and guys tend to move on quickly, so I thought he’d soon forget about her and plough through the steady stream of girls who entered the villa. However, upon reentering the main villa, Adam confessed to the other boys that he was missing Zara, then- get this- SAT DOWN AND HAD AN HONEST DISCUSSION WITH DARYELLE telling her where his head was at and that they should take things slowly. Could it be that Adam has turned… decent?!? With Adam having now left the villa, it will be interesting to see what happens for Zadam- I’m very much hoping for her sake that he has turned over a new leaf.

Have you been watching Love Island this week? What do you think?

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