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Meetchu App Review

July 7, 2018

Dating apps are great in theory. From having a pick of a few guys or girls in your social circle, half of whom are taken, you can suddenly access hundreds of singles who are looking to mingle from the comfort of your own sofa. Problem is, you don’t really know someone from messaging them via an app, so you can end up spending a lot of time going on dates with people you wouldn’t have dated had you met them beforehand, and what was a great idea in theory can quickly become a tedious nightmare in practice.

Enter Meetchu.

Billed as “the dating app that lets you meet before you meet”, the defining feature of Meetchu is that you can chat to matches over voice or video call via the app, so you can get a better idea of whether or not you will like them before you go to the effort of a date. Great stuff!

meetchu app review

The Good

The app is fairly straightforward to set up. You can connect via Facebook, then upload up to 5 photos and fill in a short bio, what you’re looking for, and a private gallery of photos that you can reveal to matches if you wish to. You can then select your preferred gender and age limit, and get scrolling. You choose matches via the standard “swipe right, swipe left” approach, but one really great feature they’re stuck in for free is the ability to¬† “backtrack” if you accidentally say no to someone that you have to pay extra for on Tinder. Once you’ve matched with someone, you can then chat to them and send a request for a phone or video call.

Other features included on the app are the option to add a video to your profile to give potential matches more of a feel of your personality, and the ability to delete messages at any time- however we live in a screenshot-taking “gotcha!” culture, so I’d advise against sending anything you could get sacked for either way.

The Bad

As the app is still in its growth phase, there aren’t as many users as on an established app, and if I’m being brutally honest the quality wasn’t great (although I can’t speak for the women- so perhaps it could be a goldmine if you’re an attractive straight man).

There’s also the elephant in the room- surely it would be easier to just meet someone on Tinder and do a phone call before meeting? However, Meetchu offers the advantage of being able to chat before exchanging numbers, which saves time, and is great for anyone who is a bit nervous about handing over their contact details to a stranger.


Overall, I really like the concept of the app, and the user interface is really easy and straightforward to use. However, only time will tell whether the app takes off and whether you can get results from it. Whether you download Meetchu or not though, I think in general screening a bit more and aiming for quality over quantity when it comes to dating is the way forward.

You can download Meetchu and receive 1 month’s FREE premium membership here!

Have you ever tried Meetchu? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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