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Love Island Commentary

Love Island Observations, Part III

July 1, 2018

This week’s Love Island started on a positive note. After Rosie’s exit from the villa, the Adam dramas from the week before were swept under the carpet, and it looked like all was well and good in paradise. The couples did the swapping clothes challenge and Dani and Jack made it official, which was great for them- but as Twitter kept saying, IF THIS CONTINUES THIS ISN’T GONNA MAKE GREAT TV.

But viewers had nothing to fear, as shit soon hit the fan. Out of nowhere Megan decided she fancied Wes and replaced Adam as Public Enemy #1, all hell broke loose, then we got hit with a major plot twist as the boys were carted off to a separate villa with 6 new ladies.

Here are my takes on this week’s happenings.

love island observations part 3

The Nice Guy Falls From His Throne

He started out as this series’ hero, but after his row with Ellie a lot of people have gone off Dr. Alex. I felt like this was slightly unfair as it’s understandable that he was frustrated when Ellie started ignoring him after coupling up, however something about him seems really iffy. As the contestants are filmed 24/7, putting on some kind of act would be really difficult long-term, and the cracks are definitely starting to show in the Nice Guy persona.

Megan Is Awful

I quite liked Megan to begin with, but this week she has been the absolute worst. After snogging Wes a little too enthusiastically in front of Laura in the game of Snog Marry Pie, she then went on to completely unnecessarily pie Eyal who has actually been rather good to her- even offering to sleep on the sofa so she could have the bed after she decided she was done with him. Admittedly, Samira didn’t particularly help the situation when she told Megan to go for it with Wes rather than do the decent thing and talk to Laura about it first, but when Wes tried to do the right thing and hold off kissing her until he’d decided what was happening with his relationship with Laura, she then tried to manipulate him into kissing her. Oh and then sloped off to the day bed with him two minutes after they broke up. Urgh.

Massive Respect For Laura

On the other hand, I have massive respect for how Laura handled the situation. When Wes tried talking to her, she immediately saw through the bullshit and knew something was up, and refused to sit around like a lemon while he weighed up his options. Although she may not have reacted in the best way to begin with, she apologised to Megan for calling her a slag the next day. And while I’d be making snarky comments about her outfits for the rest of the series, TWO FREAKING DAYS LATER she decided to put it all behind her and be friends. Bloody hell.

More Surprise Exits

The Islanders were allowed to choose who left out of the bottom three couples. I thought the girls would pick Adam outright as he’s a dick, but they saved him for Zara’s sake which I suppose is understandable. But Eyal was actually starting to grow on me; he acted nothing but honourably throughout the Megan drama and it would have been nice to see him progress in the show rather than shady Alex. And the boys claimed they didn’t want to split up any budding relationships- yet chose to send home Zara (who was actually getting on well with Adam) rather than Ellie (who was rather rude to Alex and her and Eyal- really?!). I thought that was a shame, as Adam seemed more into Zara than any of the other girls so I was looking forward to seeing how their romance would pan out.

It’s Frustrating What People Are Attracted To Sometimes

One of the things I am enjoying about the show is seeing how personal taste plays out. I used to think I’d never be able to be able to attract a guy liked because I’m not super-confident or an Instagram model, but in the villa the Islanders have all gone for different people and haven’t always been attracted to the obvious. However, upon arrival, all the new boys listed Megan in her top 3, despite her having, in the words of one blogger, “the personality of a bread roll”, while Dani came up once and Samira not at all. Seeing Samira, a naturally pretty accomplished West End performer who has emerged as one of the show’s most likeable contestants, get upset over Frankie going for Megan, who is 50% silicone and “doesn’t have girl friends”, was truly heartbreaking. I mean sure, Megan does have that whole “bombshell” vibe, but she’s hardly wife material.

Have you been watching Love Island? What did you think of this week’s happenings?

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