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Love Island Commentary

Love Island Observations, Part II

June 24, 2018

This week’s Love Island has been an interesting one. Although it hasn’t been quite as intense is the Australian version (the clip I watched showed an argument between two of the guys escalating into physical violence), this week has definitely had it’s fair share of drama. The Adam saga has been the main focus of people’s attention with one of my Twitter followers accurately describing him as “the dog with two dicks”, but the dynamics between the rest of the group have been interesting to watch too.

So without further ado, here’s a round-up of my thoughts on this week’s island happenings, and the double-dicked dog.

love island observations part 2

The Boys Ruled The Roost

Last week came to a close with all the contestants happily paired off. Enter two new girls. Up until then, the playing field had been fairly level, but the new arrivals definitely swung the court in the guys’ favour, a fact the women- mostly Laura- didn’t take to very well. However, new boy Sam helped mix things up, and here’s hoping next week will bring in some more eligible men so the boys can take their turn to sweat.

Adam Is A Prick…

Yes, it’s a TV show. Yes, the “couples” haven’t known each other very long and nothing is set in stone. Yes, if you like someone else more the idea is that you recouple. However, the way Adam has handled things is awful. Jumping to a new girl the day after you’ve done stuff with the current one? Sitting there smiling the entire time a girl is pouring her heart out to you and is genuinely distressed? That’s just cruel. The silver lining of this situation is the backlash from the public, with charity Women’s Aid even likening his behaviour to patterns displayed by emotional abusers. It appears that we’re not going to just accept this kind of treatment as part and parcel of dating anymore, which is definitely a step in the right direction.

…And So Is Alex

Dr. Alex has been portrayed as “the nice guy who never gets the girl” in the series so far. However, a story came to light where he tried to sleep with a Tinder girl on their fourth date, got in a mood when she said no, then ghosted. I mean, I had my suspicions the “nice guy” persona may be an act when he claimed he doesn’t kiss on the first date yet confessed to having a threesome in a game, but I was rooting for him. It would be easy to dismiss his pre-show behaviour- “maybe he just wasn’t that into her”- but I think it’s important that we don’t in order for that kind of thing not to be normalised.

Dani And Jack To Win

Even at this early stage, there are obvious winners for the show. Amongst all the drama, love triangles, and tears, Dani and Jack have remained solid as a rock. They’re both such nice people and seem to genuinely like each other and get on, and unlike some of the other couples I can definitely see them remaining an item after the show. In terms of compatibility, I think Eyal and Megan are on the same level, however Dani and Jack are infinitely more likeable- so are certs for the prize in my opinion.

Rosie’s Surprise Exit

With the gender imbalance being girl-heavy and the other half of her Friendship Couple, Alex, showing interest in new girl Ellie, Samira looked set for the chopping board. I thought it was a shame that the format is set up that way, as despite not having got lucky romance-wise, Samira is one of the most likeable contestants and I think the public would be sorry to see her go. Hope arrived in the form of new boy Sam, but despite both dates going well, I thought him and Rosie had more of a spark so I thought she would be the one he picked to couple up with come eviction night. However, in a surprise move he opted for Samira, and Rosie left the villa. Here’s hoping the Mighty Bird will set off…

Have you been watching Love Island this week? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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