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VEE Dating Launch Event

June 10, 2018

There’s no denying that post-uni dating is difficult. Well, dating at any age is difficult, but after you leave education it suddenly becomes a hell of a lot more difficult to meet people. Social circles become smaller and tend to consist of people you’ve known for 6 years. So the way forward appears to be dating sites and apps, but in reality you end up spending a lot of time messaging for it to fizzle out, or going on dates with people who turn out to be not what you expected. Speed dating often attracts the weirdos, which is why there has been a rise in “alternative” dating events that aim to hook in more eligible men through novelty activities.

I was very kindly invited to the launch of VEE Dating this week, who aim to do exactly that. The company host a range of singles events in London where you can drink, mingle, and get involved with some fun activities to break the ice. In addition to their core events, VEE will soon be adding events for same-sex dating, kink, and polyamory. It’s currently free to become a member, and after that the events are priced at ¬£15 each, which includes a welcome drink. Bonus- you can also see the other attendees’ pictures before coming to the event!

vee dating launch

The launch event was held at Sway Bar in Holborn. They had a “press hour” beforehand (I love it when I get called “the press”!) which included a welcome drink and the chance to mingle with other bloggers. Among them were Ana from Faded Spring, Lucy from Lucy Goes Dating, and Exhibit A. We then headed down to the main event, where, to my delight, they served pizza! The event was set in the main bar where you could buy drinks and mingle, and you could then sign up to various activity sessions. The one I managed to attend was called VEE Love, where this tantra expert (I think that’s what she was?) talked about her work and the importance of touch in sexuality. They also had dancing and wine tasting activities, but sadly I couldn’t stay too long as I have a long commute home and I was already exhausted from another event the previous night- I think Lucy and Exhibit A enjoyed the wine tasting though!

Although I’m a bit skeptical of single events as I’ve never had any success, the crowd at the launch event looked pretty decent- Lucy even took a liking to one of the guys there! The event was also really well-organised; there was a good balance between mingling and activities, and I think doing something a bit different is a nice break from speed dating. Particularly when the more niche events start rolling out, I think VEE Dating could definitely be one to watch.

vee launch event

You can find out more about VEE Dating from their website, and sign up to become a member here! You can also follow them on Twitter.

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