The Top 5 Dating Mistakes I Made

Top dating blogger Paul Thomas Bell recently wrote a blog post on the top 5 dating mistakes he made (which I would definitely reccomend giving a read!).

Now, when it comes to dating mistakes, I’ve made my fair share. Granted, I’ve had some seriously bad luck. I look back on some situations, and think “I can’t believe that actually happened”. But I’ve also screwed up many a time. So to pass on my pearls of wisdom, or perhaps just give you a good laugh, here are the top 5 dating mistakes I made (in no particular order).

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Is It OK To Sell Your Virginity?

There’s been a lot of talk in the press as of late about Romanian 18 year old Aleexandra Khefren who is looking to sell her virginity for 1 million Euros.

Instead of doing the classic waiting for the “right guy”, finding a lovely boyfriend at some point in your late teens, having a big debate as to whether you’re “ready” or not before finally doing the deed, Aleexandra decided instead that she would sell her virginity to the highest bidder, and use the money to study at a university abroad and help out her parents.

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Are Dating Preferences Discriminatory?

We all have our dating preferences. Everyone has a “type”. Which is actually a good thing. Think about it. If you fancied every man or woman you met, how would you be able to get into a relationship and remain faithful? And if we all had the same “type”, we would all be pursuing the same minority of people. So the fact that we all have preferences, is actually pretty great.

Yet for some reason, sometimes if you express a dating preference… people fly off the handle. One of these is transgender vlogger Riley J. Dennis.

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5 Reasons To Do Dinner Dates

Every single girl on the London dating scene knows the feeling. You’re meeting a guy for a date during the evening, you’re hoping to go to a nice restaurant and have a tasty dinner… then he claims he’s “already eaten” and you’re stuck doing drinks instead.

I don’t know why, but men in London have this weird aversion to dinner dates. Not wanting to be a “blue pill beta”, they’ve always “already eaten” and insist on going for drinks instead… which end up more expensive than dinner.

Dinner dates get a lot of bad press, but here’s why I think they’re actually a great option.

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Dating Tales

Shoutout To My Ex

Since the release of Little Mix’s latest banger Shoutout To My Ex, there have been a slew of blog posts celebrating good riddance to a douchebag ex-boyfriend. Despite certain aspects of the song being problematic (funny how people suddenly realise upon breaking up that their ex-partner was terrible in bed), the song is an absolute tune with a fantastic message, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.

I was a classic late bloomer. Throughout my teens, I was either invisible to men, or they’d get with me, but nothing ever came of it. Then, in my second year of university, I met Jack.

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5 Reasons To Do Coffee Dates

From my very unscientific research from Twitter, I get the impression that people seem to dislike coffee dates. Women want the guy to “invest more”. And men… just rarely suggest them.

I on the other hand disagree. I mean, if you’re meeting someone you actually like, go ahead and splash out a bit more. But for a first date (blind date, that is), coffee dates are the perfect option.

Here’s why.

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