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Autumn ’19

September 8, 2019

Summer has drawn to a close, and we’re now in what I like to call the “back to school” season. Apt really, as this year has been an interesting one. One of my main goals for this year was to find a job close to home, as the commute to London was driving me insane and I wanted to buy my own place. I eventually found one at…



September 1, 2019

Dicksand. A phrase made popular by the film “How To Be Single” and 2017’s series of Love Island. But what the hell does it actually mean? And how do you avoid it? Or, more importantly, should we be avoiding it? In a nutshell, dicksand is the male-anatomy-related version of quicksand. However, instead of lying in some form of orgy surrounded by a load of dicks (although some people…

My Love Story

My Love Story – Eve Greenow @ Never Settle

August 29, 2019

The next installment in the Love Story series comes from a key face in the world of dating blogging. Eve Greenow has been blogging about dating, relationships, sex, and more for the past 5 years, and her blog Never Settle won Best Dating Blog at this year’s UK Blog Awards. Today, she is taking a break from offering advice and talking about the story of her love life…


How To Use A Pendulum

August 25, 2019

The Google Alexa of the spiritual world, pendulums love to answer questions. Like tarot cards, rather than “telling the future” as such, they are thought to be connected to your subconscious mind and reflect back your own energy. Simply put, deep down we already know the answer. Unlike tarot cards however, pendulums don’t go into great detail but offer a yes/ no answer to a question- which is…


How To Make Friends In Your Twenties

August 15, 2019

It’s so much easier when you’re in school. You’re lumped together with people in your class and end up being friends due to convenience. Then you start going out drinking at house parties and field gatherings, and there’s a natural flow of people entering your life and you’re having to turn people AWAY when you have people over. But fast-forward a decade, and the majority of those people…


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