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How To Deal With Flaking

October 21, 2018
how to deal with flaking

I’m by no means perfect. I say the wrong thing sometimes. I sleep too much. I’m disorganised as hell. But I have a big heart. If it’s someone’s birthday, I’ll show up with a present an a card. I’m upfront and honest and don’t mess people around. And if I’ve made a plan with someone, I’ll do my best to make sure I’m there. The problem is, our…


How To Be Single

October 14, 2018
what its like being single

What is it like being single? The stereotypes range from the Bridget Jones type, alone in a flat miming the words to “All My Myself”, to Rebel Wilson’s party girl character in How To Be Single. In reality, most of us probably fall somewhere between the two extremes. Besides one brief relationship at university, I’ve been single for my entire life. No, I don’t have commitment issues or…


How Long To Message Before A First Date

October 12, 2018
how long to message before a first date

Timing in the dating process has always been a topic for debate. How soon is too soon to move in together? What length of time is reasonable to expect to be exclusive? How long should you wait to have sex? But before you get to that stage- when you’re messaging someone on a dating site or app, how long should you wait before meeting in person? Now I…


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