Meetchu App Review

Dating apps are great in theory. From having a pick of a few guys or girls in your social circle, half of whom are taken, you can suddenly access hundreds of singles who are looking to mingle from the comfort of your own sofa. Problem is, you don’t really know…

New dating app Meetchu lets you "meet before you meet". Check out my thoughts here!

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Love Island Observations, Part III

This week’s Love Island started on a positive note. After Rosie’s exit from the villa, the Adam dramas from the week before were swept under the carpet, and it looked like all was well and good in paradise. The couples did the swapping clothes challenge and Dani and Jack made…

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Ball Pit Speed Dating @ Date In A Dash Review

Speed dating. It’s a great idea in theory, however in practice while women love the concept and show up with their mates in tow, men aren’t so keen. However, people have observed that weirder “alternative” events tend to attract more eligible men as they want to come for the novelty,…

Fed up with standard speed dating? Check out my review of Date In A Dash's ball pit dating event!

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Love Island Observations, Part II

This week’s Love Island has been an interesting one. Although it hasn’t been quite as intense is the Australian version (the clip I watched showed an argument between two of the guys escalating into physical violence), this week has definitely had it’s fair share of drama. The Adam saga has…

A recap of this week's Love Island happenings, including Adam the dog with two dicks, and Rosie's surprise exit.

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Love Island Observations, Part I

I’ve never been a Love Island fan. I rarely watch any TV to be honest; if I want to procrastinate I’ll usually surf Twitter, read wordy blog posts, or watch videos about politics on YouTube. A reality TV show known for the contestants having sex on camera? Not my scene.…

Megan's surprising self-awareness, the friendship couple, and my opinion of the Alex saga.

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