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A New Year’s Eve Spell

December 29, 2018
new year's eve spell

In addition to an excuse for a party, New Year’s Eve is a great time to reflect on the events of the previous year and think about how you want to move forward. The whole “new year, new me” thing is a bit of a cliche, but I think the turn of the year can be a great time to ditch old habits and set some positive goals…

Guest Posts

Guest Post: Long Distance Relationships

December 24, 2018
long distance relationships

One of the initiatives I’ve been wanting to start on this blog for a while is a dating guest post series. Obviously I’ve done a fair few posts on dating, but of course those are limited to by own (white, female, twenty-something, traditionalist virgin) perspective. So I decided to branch out and ask other people for a guest posts about dating from another angle. The first of these…


A Spell To Move On From Romantic Setbacks

December 20, 2018
spell to move on from romantic setbacks

A fact about me that might surprise you is that I’ve always had a bit of a mystical side. When I was in my troubled teenage years, I owned half a tonne of books on astrology, along with one titled Spells For Teenage Witches. That may have been considered a bit strange at the time, but in recent times, with every other blogger on Twitter being a self-described…


Having A Type

December 16, 2018
having a type in dating

Most of my British readers will have heard the phrase “100% my type on paper”, made popular by the TV show Love Island. It’s become such a soundbite that even those of you who avoided watching the show have probably heard it, even if you’d rather not have. But anyway, I definitely had a type. Usually tall, preferably blond with blue eyes, but the main distinguishing feature was…


Tips For New Bloggers

December 6, 2018
tips for new bloggers

I’m the first person to say I am not a super-blogger. In fact, I’m a pretty small fish in the grand scheme of things. But I’ve been blogging for a while, I’ve appeared on national TV and the front of The Telegraph this year, and I earn a bit of cash from it here and there, so I thought I’d write a short post to inspire the next…


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