I was 3 weeks old. You’d come down to visit for the weekend and we had gone for a family shopping trip into town. You were pushing me in my pram, every inch the proud Grandad. We were walking out of the car park, heading towards the lift. You pushed…

A post in memory of my Grandad, who died last week.

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Love Island Observations, Part VII

The final is just around the corner. My non-Love Island watching readers can look forward to the end of these posts. New additions to the villa have ceased, and the couples are being whittled down until we find out on Monday who will be taking home the £50K. So without…

Jack and Laura's departure, Alex squared bite the dust, and my final thoughts on the couples. Here are my thoughts on this week's Love Island.

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Hinge App Review

Do you want to know one thing I’d really hate to do? Create a dating app. Firstly, you need £100K to develop it and get it off the ground. Then, even if the app gains traction, most apps are free so it’s difficult to make any money from it. Also…

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Love Island Observations, Part VI

This week has been an interesting one. We began with all the contestants happily loved up, then Ellie and Charlie got axed, Sam and Georgia were given an ultimatum and chose to split, Laura and Jack and Alex and Alex bit the dust… oh and four very hot new Islanders…

Exclusivity, Georgia and Sam's dramatic exit, and the oracle of truth. Check out my thoughts on the latest happenings in Love Island.

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Love Island Observations, Part V

After the boys’ brief stay in Casa Amor, the Love Island villa became a little Islander-heavy as most of the contestants chose to couple up with a new addition rather than remain with their current beau. However, after a couple of heavy dumpings, the population got down to a managable…

My thoughts on week 6 in the Love Island villa, including new girl Alexandra, and Samira's mighty exit.

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