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Female Influencers To Follow

March 8, 2019

For those of you who are unaware- IT’S INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY TODAY! WAHOO! And what better way to celebrate gender equality, than with a list of fabulous female influencers to follow. Before I start, I’d like to point out that this is by no means an exhaustive list. There are hundreds and thousands of talented ladies out there and I have no means of fitting them into the…


5 Toxic Dating Mindsets To Avoid

March 3, 2019

I used to think finding a romantic partner was about being super-hot and charismatic. Either that, or just a game a plain old luck. But while those things can definitely help, I think a lot of it comes down to attitude. This is a topic worthy of an entire blog post series in its own right, and who knows, I may go on to write about it in…


Maybe by Elise Michael Review

February 24, 2019
maybe by elise michael review

I’m not going to beat around the bush. I’m not a big poetry reader. The last encounter I had with any form of poem was in school, when my friend used to write sappy love poems about girls. So yeah, I’m definitely more of a prose gal. But unbeknownst to me, there is an entire poetry scene out there, which thanks to Instagram is gaining a hell of…


Smudged Lipstick Murder Mystery Party Review [AD]

February 17, 2019
smudged lipstick murder mystery party review

Valentine’s Day hasn’t always been my favourite time of year. With the exception of last year, I have never had a date on Valentine’s Day. However, for the past few years award-winning dating events company Smudged Lipstick have put on a range of Anti-Valentine’s Day events, so singles can also make an occasion of the day. This year though, the brand decided to do something a little different,…



February 12, 2019

Astrology is the science of how the movements of the stars and planets determine our personalities, and our paths through life. Some say this is nonsense, and we forge our own way. But sometimes we make our plans and the universe has other ideas, so I think there’s some truth in it. I’m a typical Taurus; loyal to the core. But my path in friendships hasn’t always been…


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