Interview With Charly Lester, Co-Founder Of Lumen App

There’s a dating app for everything these days- whether you’re only interested in dating men with beards, bacon enthusiasts, or people who went to private school, there’s something on the market for you (though no conservative traditionalist app yet, sadly). But the one group of people who are shockingly under-serviced…

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Thoughts On New York City

My original travel plans this year were to volunteer at a turtle sanctuary in Costa Rica, but I was ill for a good chunk of the first half of this year which put a stop to my mission to become fluent in Spanish. So I decided to push my South…

My thoughts on my trip to New York City this year, along with travel advice for anyone thinking of visiting.

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Manhattan NYC Date Ideas

For the first time, the Date Ideas series is going global. I’d been ploughing through various areas in London, scouting out the best bars, restaurants, and coffee shops in the city, so when I went to visit New York city, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to expand the series across…

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Things I’ve Learned About Friendship

I was reading through a dating self-help book earlier this year, and one of the things they asked me to do was envision my dream life. The thing that surprised me when I did this was that a romantic relationship wasn’t the first thing that popped into my mind. It…

I've been focusing on my friendships this year and here are the things I have learned. Also find out more about new initiative the Make Friends Club by blogger Gemma Scopes.

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Scarlett London’s Pancakes & The Twitter Lynch Mob

I’m in two minds about posting about politics on Twitter. On one hand, my blog isn’t actually about politics, so there’s not really much point posting something controversial that I know will piss people off. On the other, sometimes I’ll post something completely inoffensive and people still get angry, so…

Blogger Scarlett London got attacked for posting an Instagram picture of herself with some pancakes and balloons. Here's why we need to stop the online hate and make the blogosphere a nicer place.

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