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Want to work with me? Here are the main blogger services I offer.

tarot readings, copywriting service

Sponsored Posts & Reviews

As is the case with most blogs, so long as the content fits with my blog I am happy to write a sponsored post incorporating your brand. I can also write a review of your dating app (or anything else you would like me to review!). Also happy to do press releases, giveaways, whatever takes your fancy really. Get in touch and we can discuss the best way to work together.

Freelance Writing

In addition to blogging, I also have a work background in content writing, and I have written for publications including The Metro, The Telegraph, and Bustle. My speciality areas are dating and general women’s lifestyley stuff. Get in touch if you would like me to write for you!

Tarot Readings

I’m running an introductory offer where I am doing personalised tarot readings for £10. It works best for a specific question, or for one area of your life (career, love life, etc.). My favourite spread is the 4-card spread (situation, obstacle, action recommended, outcome), but I’m happy to use another one if you prefer. I use the Morgan-Greer tarot deck.


As I mentioned earlier, I have a work background in content writing, so I can write articles for your site. I have experience across a wide range of niches, including healthcare, recruitment, entertainment, and more. Get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

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