How To Use Healing Crystals

May 19, 2019
how to use healing crystals

No longer the preserve of hardcore hippies, healing crystals have become mainsteam. Victoria Beckham uses them backstage at her fashion shows, Katy Perry uses them to attract love, and Spencer Pratt reportedly has a $1 million crystal collection. But crystals aren’t just for the rich and famous. For just a few pounds, you can add some high vibes into your own life. So read on and find out…

Dating Lifestyle


May 13, 2019

GUESS WHAT GUYS?! It’s my birthday today! I was thinking of doing a deep ‘n’ meaningful style post similar to last year’s one, about the woes of turning 28. But I kind of ran out of time and didn’t want to sound too miserable, so instead I decided to write a semi-deep-‘n’-meaningful list of things 28 I’ve learnt in my now 28 years of living. Hoping you all…

Law Of Attraction

My Experiences Of The Law Of Attraction

May 5, 2019
experiences of the law of attraction

I’ve only recently got into the Law of Attraction. I’ve been hearing the phrase for a while, but when I stumbled across videos on it on YouTube and found out a little more I began to sit up and pay attention. However, whether you’ve heard about it or not, we all inadvertently use the Law of Attraction throughout our lives. So here’s a quick introduction to the concept,…

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5 Reasons To Date A Dating Blogger

April 28, 2019

I was chatting to some other bloggers recently, and a couple mentioned that they’ve run into trouble when dating as potential matches were put off by the fact that they write about, well, dating. Perhaps I’ve been lucky, as so far the guys who have read my blog said they liked it *touches wood*- although a lot of the men who contact me through my blog turn out…


How To Use Tarot Cards

April 22, 2019

I’ve been feeling a bit lost in the blogging world as of late. I’ve been a bit confused about what niche I should be aiming for, feeling like I don’t fit the “dating blogger” mould, wondering what else I could diversify into, and considering throwing in the towel and focusing on fiction writing instead. Well, anyone who is a fan of my blog can be reassured that that’s…